Viva Terra Balloon vase, Red

Price: $19.00
(as of Nov 27,2020 04:19:37 UTC – Details)

Perfectly imperfect, our collection of 100% recycled glass balloon vases is a harmonious blend of whimsy and elegance. These stately vases are sure to make themselves known in any space with their dramatic shapes, and make an even bolder statement when filled with flowers or greenery. The nature of the recycled materials and artistically blown shapes ensure that each vase is an original. The 7-inch bubble vase features an over all stout, organic shape and a lipped opening, perfect for displaying a few small blossoms. Available in a variety of color options, show off a single vase in your favorite color or mix and match the bubble with other vases in our collection to create a show-stopping centerpiece. Made in Spain. Recycling glass saves energy. Making new glass means heating sand and other substances to 2, 600 degrees. That requires a lot of energy and creates a lot of industrial pollution. One of the steps in glass recycling is to crush the glass and create a product called “cullet. ” Making recycled glass products from cullet consumes 40% less energy than making new glass from raw materials, because cullet melts at a much lower temperature. Color is Red

Organic glass shape design
Use with flowers or set empty
accent décor
Crafted in Spain