Under Desk Ergonomic Footrest Plus (Tall) – Foam Foot Rest for Circulation and Comfort with Hook and Loop-Fasten Fabric – Office Essentials Footstool for Men and Women by Dr.Cushions, 5x11x17.5 in.

Price: $29.20
(as of Nov 04,2020 14:44:52 UTC – Details)

Make Sitting a Painless Posture

Sitting at a desk for a prolonged period of time can leave your feet puffy and your joints and back achy. Transform your work day by placing your feet on an under-desk pillow by Dr.Cushions! Whether your feet dangle or lay flat on the floor – your circulation is inhibited, making your feet swell and the rest of your body ache. By elevating your feet with Dr.Cushions’ ergonomic footrest, you enjoy healthy blood flow, supported joints and muscles, and overall comfort. With the right support, you can put your mind to your task, instead of your body!

The Foam and Fabric for Feet and Floor

Prop your feet on premium fabric and foam! Not too soft, not too firm, your footrest’s highly-resilient foam provides superior comfort and support. Unique properties keep foul odors and grimy spots away while your foam’s cover fabric – ramie – wraps your footrest in quality you can see and feel. Unlike velvet that overheats your feet and traps dirt, ramie is breathable and resistant to dust, dirt, and pet hair.

Stylish Support

Most footrests are drab and dark, but not yours. Stylishly patterned in grey and white, your foot stools are something you’ll want to show off. Proudly use them as everyday home accessories, propping your legs while on the living-room couch or supporting your feet while at a desk or table. Carry your pretty and portable cushion to work and boast pain-free productivity, or use it in the car to bring your home office anywhere!

Non-Scratching, Long-Lasting Fastening

You shift in your chair and – screeeeech – you hear your zippered footrest scratch the wooden floor. No need to worry about this nightmare with your hook-and-loop fastened footrest! Your under-desk cushion’s fastening lasts longer than zippered closures, and without the damage.

Elevate your sitting experiences TODAY with an ergonomic Footrest Plus from Dr.Cushions!

PUT YOUR FEET UP – Make sitting at a desk comfy and healthy with a foam footstool from Dr.Cushions!
BEST FABRIC – Your footrests won’t overheat your feet or gather dirt thanks to our breathable cover!
TASTEFUL & ESSENTIAL – Enjoy the benefits AND style of your foot stool with our chic designs!
GOODBYE ZIPPERS – What won’t scratch the floor and lasts more? Your rest’s hook and loop design!
SEATED & SATISFIED – Experience comfortable desk work with confidence in our lifetime guarantee!