Tfloor Laminate Flooring Spacers : for Installing Laminate Wood, Vinyl Plank, Engineered Hardwood, LVT, Bamboo, Subfloor Panels, or Any Floating Floor Material. Made in The USA.

Price: $18.44
(as of Dec 06,2020 18:45:36 UTC – Details)

Use TFloor Spacers can be used to install any laminate wood flooring, vinyl plank flooring, engineered hardwood, bamboo, LVT, Subfloor panels, or any other floating floor material. TFloor Spacers will ensure that your installation maintains the correct expansion gap between the floor and your walls. Even when the sheet rock is high. Unlike wedges that fall, slip, tip over and get stuck, TFloor Spacers always stay firmly in place with their unique t-shape design. And, when you are finished they are easy to remove. TFloor Spacers can be used for any floating flooring material which requires an expansion gap of 1/4″- 3/8”. You can also combine two spacers back to back, turned on their side for an 1/2” expansion gap. Each case of 12 spacers is sufficient for areas of approximately 500 ft2, while 2-3 packs are recommended for larger installations.

Made in the USA and CANADA using high quality, durable material
Patented T shape Design, making your DIY flooring installation nice and easy.
TFloor Spacers Never Fall, Slip, Tip or Get Stuck, Even if the wall is High. No need for carpet tape, painters tape, or any other fasteners
Installs any wood flooring material requiring an expansion gap of 1/4″- 3/8”.
For a 1/2″ gap, combine two spacers back to back, turned on their side.