QUECAOCF Elegant Flower Glass Vase with Handle, Handmade Double Ear Air Bubbles Glass Vase for Centerpiece Home and Wedding Indoor and Outdoor Decorative

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Flower Vase Glass Elegant Double Ear Decorative Handmade Air Bubbles Bluish Color Glass Vase for Centerpiece Home Decor 
The double ear glass vases are made by hand-blowing technology. The material of glass vases are high quality quartz sand. And through 1300 degrees of high temperature of burning, our glass vases are well made. We stick to the standard thickness of 0.3cm to 0.5cm of all our products so that our products are all very solid and sturdy. The double ear glass vases have three different sizes, with bubbles or raindrop design on the whole body. The double ear glass vases can be used in different background setting, such as meeting room, dining room, wedding room, study room as well as many other different settings. 
First Use & Extended Care: 
1. Prior to first use, glass vase should be hand washed individually in warm soapy water, rinsed thoroughly and dried with a lint free cloth. 
2. For optimal finish & clarity, clean with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water, let stand for a few hours then rinse well and dry with a lint free cloth. 
3. Our glass is produced overseas in extremely large quantities for our wholesale customers, due to transit and mass storage, all vases should be cleaned before use to remove any accumulated dust/dirt. 
4. Change liquid contents of glass containers frequently. This will help preserve the products finish and avoid film build-up. 
5. Glass vases should not be cleaned in a dish washer. 
6. Do not use products in microwaves or conventional ovens. 
7. Size:Details in the picture.
THREE SIZES: It has 3 sizes and shapes modern glass vases for flowers, 4 colors : (Blue, Purple, Grey, Green). Design: two ear European style and air bubbles.
BEAUTIFUL DECORATION: With your favourite flowers and filler or plant for home and wedding, indoor and outdoor decoration. Elegant double ear decorative can easily go along with various decoration style.
WIDE APPLICATION: This glass vase can be used for table decor, wedding, party, hotel, restaurant, cafes. This vase can also be used as a fish tank (suitable for small fish), glass candle holder (suitable for electronic candles, open flame candles may cause the glass to break). How to match completely depends on your imagination.
SHATTERPROOF GUARANTEE: If the clear vase is broken during the delivery, we will refund you immediately or exchange. Feel free to contact us for any issue.