Japanese Style 23.6” x 15.3” Fast Water Absorbing Antibacterial Diatomite Hard Mat for Bathroom with Anti-Slip Pad and Soap Dish, Printed

Price: $34.87
(as of Dec 01,2020 22:47:00 UTC – Details)

DURABLEZ Bathroom Mats are made of unique innovative material: diatomite (or diatomite earth). It is a naturally occurring rock that is easily crumbled into a fine white to off-white powder. Diatomaceous earth has many popular usages: used as a filtration aid, mild abrasive in products like toothpaste, absorbent for liquids, and even a soil for potted plants and trees like bonsai, just to name a few.

We use diatomite in an innovative way, turning it into a water absorbing mat for your bathroom. Once you step out of your bath or shower, you put your feet on a surface which is never getting too cold, but is absorbing water from your feet faster than you know it. No more puddles on the floor! Diatomite absorbs all the water immediately, and it can absorb lots of it. Then it slowly dries up, naturally releasing the moisture to the air. All as usual – except you don’t need to wipe your floor, and there is no chance for mold or bacteria, as it would be with a traditional fabric rug!

Those mats do not require much effort cleaning: just wash them with liquid soap and water, when needed.

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✅ Diatomite mat 23.6’’ x 15.3’’ (60 cm x 39 cm)
✅ Anti-slip padding
✅ Diatomite soap dish

✅ Diatomite – an innovative eco-friendly material – naturally possesses unique hygroscopic qualities, effectively acts as anti-bacterial, by preventing the environment where bacteria could live to begin with. This is what places it in a different league than traditional fabric mats.
✅ This bathroom mat is 23.6’’ x 15.3’’ (60 cm x 39 cm), and should neatly fit any interior.
✅ A bottom pad for easier and safer use – its use is optional, depending on your bathroom floor, use at your discretion.
✅ Doesn’t require much cleaning, and is convenient to clean when needed: just wash with liquid soap and water.
✅ Diatomite soap dish – complimentary. QUANTITY DISCOUNT on CHECKOUT: 5% discount on a purchase of 2, and 10% on 3 mats.