Homespice Rectangular Jute Braided Rugs, 27-Inch by 45-Inch, Azalea

Price: $49.99
(as of Nov 29,2020 11:50:38 UTC – Details)

Inspired by the azalea blossoms of the south, reds and beiges specked with blue brings an Atlanta spring to mind. There is a place for Homespice Decor jute braided rugs in almost every home.&Dress them up or go casual. Make them the center piece of a room or an eye catching accent. Made of natural fiber, our jute rugs are soft, durable and affordable. Available in rich earth tones and vibrant hues, they provide a warm, inviting atmosphere that stresses the importance of an eco-friendly environment. Care Instructions: An aggressive beater brush is not recommended but mild use of a beater brush should be alright. If rug becomes wet, blot any excess moisture and remove from floor or furniture and lay outdoor or somewhere which a little color run will not bring permanent damage.

Ideal for any room in the house
99% Jute, 1% Polyester