Dusk Cherry Vinyl Flooring Stair Tread Nosing 1.5 inch (2, 42 Inch Length)

Price: $100.00
(as of Dec 03,2020 05:02:25 UTC – Details)

Made from Life-Proof Dusk Cherry flooring, this stair tread nose will now allow you to use your favorite flooring on the stairs. Previously, you would have to use other tread brands that were made of particle board and only looked similar to your flooring, and if that wasn’t sad enough, it also required a bulky transition piece at the top of your stairs! But Luxury Vinyl Treads has made it possible to use true Life-Proof Dusk Cherry vinyl flooring to seamlessly transition from your flooring to your stairs. This stair nose will fit over a stair that is 1.5 inches thick or less and has a beautiful bull nose design. It comes in 42-inch and 47-inch lengths, and a depth of roughly 6.5 inches. (If you have a stair nose that is around 1″ inch, look for Luxury Vinyl Treads 1 inch stair tread noses) This stair tread nose piece is made to be fitted and glued to the unfinished stair tread nose along with an adjoining piece of standard Dusk Cherry vinyl plank that has been fitted and glued as well.

Fits over 1-1/2″ stair nose
Made from Life-Proof Dusk Cherry flooring
Seamless transitions to matching floors
Easy Installation
Beautiful bullnose design