Berkshire Flooring Modern Design Carpet Tile, Porcelain

Price: $47.81
(as of Nov 22,2020 07:56:14 UTC – Details)

Tired of paying install fees for wall-to-wall carpet? We are too! Make a statement and update your space with Berkshire Flooring Simply Seamless Carpet Tiles. The carpet tiles feature a pre-applied pressure sensitive adhesive back for quick and easy do-it-yourself installation: simply peel and stick! The patented cutting technology makes these residential carpet tiles stand out from the rest by giving them the seamless look of wall-to-wall carpeted flooring. If you’re not looking for wall-to-wall carpet, no problem. Let your creativity go to work and create custom sizes, shapes, and designs while maintaining the same seamless look. The fiber content of the carpet tiles naturally resists stains and fading. However, should you feel the need to replace a tile, the carpet tile can be replaced individually rather than having to replace the entire room’s carpet. The cushioned backing system allows the carpet tiles to be placed directly onto most clean floors without the need of a rug pad while maintaining the comfort of a well-carpeted floor. Still unsure? Watch the DIY installation video for detailed instructions and visuals to help make your carpet installation process a breeze.

Simply Seamless Technology: Our patented manufacturing process brings carpet tiles to the next level by allowing the tiles to be installed with no visible seams. Patent 10,443,188
Comfort High Density Polyurethane Cushion: The attached performance SoftTrac cushion backing system allows the carpet tiles to be placed directly on the floor with no rug pad needed.
Stain and Fade Resistant: The carpet tiles are made with 100% PermaClean Solution-dyed BCF PET Fiber with recycled content that naturally resists stains and fading.
Versatile: The quality, durability, and simple installation process make Berkshire Flooring carpet tiles perfect for a wide variety of spaces. Get creative with your layout don’t limit yourself to only wall-to-wall installation by creating custom sizes and shapes to cover any area.
Affordable: By using Berkshire Flooring carpet tiles, you can transform your space with beauty, comfort, and quality at the fraction of the cost of traditional carpet.
Made in the USA
Twelve tiles per box, each box covers 48 square feet