ALGFree Interlocking Tiles Foam Mats  Puzzle Exercise Mat EVA Protective Flooring for Gym Equipment,Customizable (Color : C, Size : 30x30x1cm-24pcs)

Price: $79.30
(as of Dec 03,2020 07:22:14 UTC – Details)

▲Product Name: Interlocking Foam Mats Carpet / Splice Puzzle Mat / Foam Exercise Mat

▲ Color distribution: evenly distributed according to the actual number

▲ Ideal floor protection that can be moved around the house to protect as required

▲ EVA foam interlocking mats are made from soft, durable EVA foam and are soft, safe, easy to clean

▲ Size: 30x30x1cm-16pcs , 30x30x1cm-24pcs , 30x30x1cm-32pcs , 30x30x1cm-36pcs , 30x30x1cm-40pcs , 30x30x1.2cm-16pcs , 30x30x1.2cm-24pcs , 30x30x1.2cm-32pcs , 30x30x1.2cm-36pcs , 30x30x1.2cm-40pcs , 60x60x1cm-4pcs , 60x60x1cm-6pcs , 60x60x1cm-8pcs , 60x60x1cm-9pcs , 60x60x1cm-10pcs , 60x60x1.2cm-4pcs , 60x60x1.2cm-6pcs , 60x60x1.2cm-8pcs , 60x60x1.2cm-9pcs , 60x60x1.2cm-10pcs

▲Product description: The soft material of the floor mat is effective to avoid the noise, and it also has the heat preservation function to protect the baby from crawling and cold, to care for the baby’s health and happiness every day

▲Product Description:

1. Double-sided non-slip, good flexibility, good preventing children from falling when falling

2. According to the shape of the ground, you can cut it at will, without leaving a dead angle

▲ Please purchase the quantity according to the actual needs before purchase; if you have any questions, please send your request by email, we will contact you by email
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▲ Cleaning method: rinse with water, wipe clean, you can use (milk stain, urine, not easy to penetrate, effectively block the ground moisture invading the body)
▲ Features: safe and healthy, no formaldehyde, anti-pressure, not easy to deform, soundproof, waterproof, warm, good elasticity, close stitching
▲ Multi-function: The jigsaw puzzle pad is durable and protects the floor from damage, baby fall off defense, safety protection can not be delayed
▲ Free cutting: You can cut according to your needs, making your family more warm and beautiful